My name is Lauren Elizabeth Walsh.

I know it has been a long road, and that you've worked really hard. I know it hurts sometimes and can feel a little lonely on this journey.  I know that you know how powerful and beautiful you are, but perhaps you are allowing yourself to forget.

I believe that as women, we are born with a Divine intuition, and that the “I am not enough” story is just that: a story. A piece of fiction, and it’s a story we can radically rewrite. What if we changed your deep, inner narrative to, “I am more than enough”? What would happen then?

Would you let go?  Would you heal?

Would you create a gorgeous life, full of crazy love and bursting at the seams with happiness?

Yes, yes, and hell yes. How do I know? Because I’ve been there.


...but on my life’s path I’ve experienced both immense joy and immense pain, with miles of healing along the way. I know exactly what it’s like to be lost, but through my journey, I also learned something important: what it’s like to be found.  

I grew up in a beautiful family, but a family that – during my childhood at least – was going through a devastating time. As a teen and young woman, I suffered as many women have, dealing with severe body image issues, a major lack of self-confidence and self love, tumultuous relationships, and harmful sexual experiences. 

I carried these wounds as proof that I wasn’t good enough, so in my late teens, I landed in Los Angeles with the hopes of being seen as something better. I thought if I could prove I was“enough” to be on the big screen, then somehow, I would be worthy of the love and attention I deeply yearned for. I didn’t realize that searching for affirmation outside of myself would only lead to bitter disappointment and rejection, and Hollywood became yet another playground for my deepest insecurities to run wild. In my darkest hour, I wandered into an emotionally abusive relationship, flaming out the last spark of light in my eyes. 

Fortunately, Divine Mercy had other plans for me. It was then, at my personal rock bottom, that I experienced a major turning point. 

In 2008, I was invited to visit the Amazon Rainforest to spend time living with the native people. As soon as I arrived, I was immediately compelled by these individuals, living a peaceful life amongst the trees. They were filled with a radiance that inspired in me deep questions: What gives me my worth? What does it take to heal? What is my purpose? How do I find the love that I seek?

They seemed calm and still within themselves, whole, and luminous.  A spark of wisdom ignited in my heart, and I decided it was time to stop escaping. I needed to stop ignoring the way I was feeling on the inside by distracting myself with things on the outside. I needed to look into the depths of my soul with fierce honesty and accountability. I needed to face my fears head-on, and to take responsibility for my growth. If I ever wanted to be truly radiant, I had to devote myself to healing the wounds of the past and stepping into a brand new me. 

It was time for profound change.

I began exploring healing modalities and spiritual teachings, learning everything I could about how the body and spirit work. I became a licensed massage therapist, helping people release stored, pent-up emotion.  I worked fervently on my transformation, releasing old baggage and learning true forgiveness. I returned to the Amazon to work with spiritual teachers, and studied the integration of nature and ritual. 

Through this rich period of learning, I discovered that our body, mind, and spirit is a connected, complex, and energetic system of everything we have ever experienced- from our wounds to our most intimate dreams. As I began to see my life as a beautiful play of events, a vessel of boundless courage and honest reflection, I freed myself from self-judgment and grew noticeably brighter. I began helping women in my community do the same, and saw the strength behind their wounds, as well as the courage behind their fears. Since taking what I’ve learned about healing and applying it to my fellow sisters, I have been honored to watch these amazing women learn to shine in their radiance.

Every woman has a story, and I burn to hear yours. I yearn to help you turn your wounds into a treasure trove of wisdom. Being a woman on this planet comes with extraordinary gifts and extraordinary challenges, and together, we will greet, grow, and galvanize the gifts that are unique to you. I am here to help you shine, so that together we can ignite a revolution!

Sister let’s rise

Let’s join hands, let’s BE the change!

Forever grateful,