I gazed beyond the clouds into the abyss of blue and whispered “ I don’t know if you’re real, but if you are.. I could really use your help right now”.

I paused for a minute hoping to hear a response, but nothing came.

Never the less, something inside of me continued speaking, “I don’t know how to talk to you. I don’t know what it means to pray, but IF you are real…teach me”

This was the first conversation that I can remember having with “God”.  I grew up rejecting anything that appeared dogmatic and was much more comfortable with terms such as “energy” or “universe”.

But this time I was desperate…

I was deep in the throes of my most tumultuous year ever. I was a rebellious 21 year old girl, broken, and seeking a miracle. On this particular day, everything was about to change because I had only one choice left- to get on my knees, and hope that something or someone would come to my rescue.

Time went one, and as I continued my seemingly one-sided conversations with this great mysterious force, I began to notice something strange develop. I had never been an eloquent or graceful speaker, but when I found myself alone and attempting to pray, I began to use words that I had never used before. I noticed poetic phrases, which described how I was feeling with remarkable accuracy, would emerge from my heart and through my voice.

 I would learn something new about myself each time I prayed, as if I was speaking directly from some undiscovered wisdom in my soul that desired to teach me.I learned that there was way more depth and grace inside of myself than the choices and events in my life would  have suggested.

It was this realization that changed my perception of myself, and catalyzed my transformation.

Through prayer, I discovered who I am.

Last Sunday I spoke a prayer with 1,500 people gathered in honor of International Day of Peace at the Texas State Capitol. Never in a million years, would I have imagined myself in the center of a massive convergence of amazing people to offer a prayer of peace.

Prayer is vulnerable, and prayer is raw. Prayer comes from that tender place inside that feels everything from infinite love and bliss to deep sorrow and rage.

“And you want me to do this in front of HOW MANY people?”

I was asked to say the prayer at the capitol just a week before the actual event. I knew in my heart that I wanted to say yes, but I had to be honest with myself. If I said yes I would have to prevent my ego from getting caught in the trap of self consciousness because Peace Day is about something much greater than me and my life.

It’s about us all.  It’s for us all. 

We have all experienced suffering. We have all felt the pain of judgment and rejection. We have all experienced periods in our lives of anxiety and doubt. We all have felt the thrill of falling in love, the beauty of birth, or the passing of the ones we love. Each one of us is a brilliant contribution to the whole, and the whole needs our personal contribution.

Prayer is a contribution.  

Prayer doesn’t have to be affiliated with any religion. Prayer is a humble way to address the Divine in everything. It’s a practice that deepens and leads to self-discovery. We have already been shown that collective intention is incredibly powerful, and it was a true gift to participate in the intention of peace for the whole world through this prayer.

I offer it to you. This prayer is our prayer.


Universal Creator

Divine Light that guides and gives life to everything

We ask you for peace, peace, and more peace.

We ask and we affirm

Peace within our hearts and peace within the deep waters of our emotions.

Universal Love,

Soothe our anxieties

Calm our fears,

Soften blame and pain

And heal our wounds.

May Peace always reign in our thoughts towards ourselves and may peace always reign in our thoughts towards each other.

May all our judgments and feelings of separation be transformed now and forever into the sweetness of unity and compassion.

We honor the light that lives within each one of us.  I honor the light within you.

I am, I am, I am

We are, We are, We are,

I am the vibration of peace

We are the vibration of peace.

Peace for our families, Peace for our children, Peace for our neighbor,

May the intention of peace for all people govern our actions, and may the power of forgiveness heal all discord and division between nations.

Divine Presence in all human hearts

Awaken, awaken, awaken

awaken your Love within the hearts of all people and within the core of all governments

so that we may be guided by the laws of Harmony, Truth, and Justice in our thoughts and in our actions.

And in this way we will overcome accumulated karmas

To create a new time, a new life, and a new world

Ruled by higher consciousness,

Inspired by Peace

And Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Today, unified with Brothers and Sisters around the world in one single intention

We are, We are, We are

One family,

One heart,

And we beat to the Rhythm of Peace, Peace, Peace.

And so it is.


Please feel free to share and use this prayer in whatever way your heart desires.  Much inspiration and some phrasing in this prayer came to me from a gifted women and teacher from Brazil, to whom I owe much gratitude.  I invite you to make this prayer your own, rewrite it to suite your deepest longing, and say it whenever you feel the need.

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With love,

Lauren Elizabeth




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