Wounds into Wisdom
Darkness into light
Waste into flowers
From death to vibrant life
Everything is renewable.
Nothing can be destroyed. 
Change your story from “I am not enough”
To I am powerful, capable, and wise! 
Join us in this mission
Of healing deep in our core
To stand as strong and healthy women
To put an end to all this war.
The war within our minds
As we criticize ourselves and others
Let us learn the way of true Self Love
And how to share with our sisters and our brothers.


How many times have you felt judged by other women, sized up, shut down, or
talked about? How many times have you felt “unseen” by the person of your
affections, and how many countless times have you felt you weren’t enough?

Whether we talk about it openly or not, our history as women has been a bit
rough. I mean, we were granted the right to vote, to help choose the leaders and policies that shape our livelihood, less than 100 years ago. That’s in this country – in Switzerland (Switzerland!) women didn’t get this right until 1971. As you pick your jaw up off the floor, let’s take a moment of thanks – because blessedly, things are different now.

Today, we are powerhouses creating massive change for the betterment of this world. But on an individual level, we still have much more to do heal our hearts, and heal from the ancient programming that we are not enough. Many of us were taught early on that stability in the very literal sense meant a mate, and usually a male one. We were taught to compete with other women to “win” that mate, to “win” the game, never realizing that we were being taught to play by someone else’s rules.

Guess what? We can write our own rules.

Many of us still look in the mirror and find something to judge, something we can correct lest we lose the game. But today, women are stepping out of that old paradigm, and replacing it with sisterhoods, spiritual paths, coaches, mentors, and teachers that buoy them above the old programming. They’re stepping into the freedom of who they truly are – no masks – and getting in touch with their natural essence. As women, we all have an essence that is uniquely beautiful, but so many of us have learned to shut down these special parts of ourselves in order to fit into a mold of what we think we are supposed to be in order to receive love.

That stops now.

My mission is to awaken these gifts in women. I desire to reflect their true beauty, worth, and power. I hold the vision that women can feel safe with one another, and feel completely at peace with who they are in every situation in life. Women are brilliant, and it is time for us to unite, heal, and bless this world with our wisdom and radiance! You can join this mission by committing to your growth, your evolution, and your self-love. It is time to strengthen our sisterhood, and believe in who we are.